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our mission

Before the royal gold ever hit the powerful black background of our logo, Noir Gold Natural Hair & Skin Care LLC. has been committed to excellence, quality, and luxury. What started as a personal experiment to create the perfect products for our founder’s natural hair transformed and blossomed with the birth of one amazing soul: Ninah Rose.

Our founder, Jasmine McBride, started mixing products for herself back in 2013 when she noticed that she couldn’t find an affordable, but luxurious product for her hair. She started mixing her own oils and butters to create products for her hair and body. When she noticed the amazing results that she was having, she made small batches for herself and, occasionally, her friends and family. The true metamorphosis took place when her daughter, Ninah Rose, was born in 2016.

After the death of a child in 2015, God graced Jasmine & her husband with another precious baby girl. Ninah Rose McBride was born at only 23 weeks which resulted in her having several life threading health issues. Among these health issues, was eczema that left baby Ninah extremely uncomfortable. Also, while fighting for her life in NICU, Ninah had to undergo 5 blood transfusions, which resulted in all of her hair to fall out. Desperate to find a solution for her baby, Jasmine started researching natural remedies. After treating Ninah’s skin and hair with the small batches of product she created, Ninah’s hair rapidly grew back and the irritation from the eczema subsided. Jasmine knew she’d developed something that could change lives and she needed to share her blessing!

In 2017, she set out to provide a line of natural, organic hair and body products to stimulate hair growth, soothe skin irritation/conditions, and repair damaged hair and skin. Noir Gold isn’t just a product, it’s an experience and a mission to build the confidence in others. Each product is created to provide quality, for an affordable price. Noir Gold is meant to make you feel royal, powerful, and confident. Noir Gold is also known for its constant development of others through its mentoring/sponsorship program. With so many people lacking confidence due to skin and/or hair conditions, Jasmine intends to boost self esteem and confidence-one product/person at a time! 

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